My name is Roisin. It’s pronounced Ro-sheen or Rosh-een depending on which part of Ireland you’re from. I’m not from Ireland so you can call me whatever you want, as long as it’s not bitchface.

I was born a cat lady. My inner cat woman was fostered by my parents who bought me my first cat when I was 5 years old. We were poor so we didn’t get her fixed and for years we had kittens all the time and it was the most glorious thing you could possibly imagine. Especially the time two of our cats had kittens and there were twelve kittens all at once. I eagerly await the day this happens again.

My original life ambition was to develop the world’s first cat translator. I’ve put that dream on hold to pursue a career in psychology. I’ve got a Master’s degree in Psychology focusing on the psychological consequences of fatigue. I wrote it while I was fatigued. It was awful, and I like to pretend it never happened. I’m passionate about helping people help themselves, particularly people like me who have a chronic illness.

I write about psychology. I make frequent and often unprovoked attacks on the medical model of mental illness. You should probably know the inspiration for this paragraph came from Oliver Burkeman, who I love, because he makes unprovoked attacks on The Secret which is something I also do.

If you don’t know what The Secret is I recommend that you don’t find out.

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