Why Another Self-help Blog?

We’re drowning in self-help information on the internet. But sometimes, it’s not all that helpful. Here’s how this blog is different.

My Dad once said to me “you have to be kind of a douche to write a self-help blog”.

The problem is I’m obsessed with psychology. I have two degrees in it. I spend my time reading about topics irrelevant to my research. I write about it. And then all my writing sits in Google Drive collecting dust and looking like a waste of time.

Honestly, I just need an outlet to rant. There’s only so many times my mother will listen to my concerns about the chemical imbalance theory of depression.

Plus, there are some problems with mainstream self-help. Sometimes it’s ridiculous. Sometimes it’s awful. And sometimes it misrepresents the science.

How is the Yellow Brick Blog Different?

The articles on this blog will be based on real research, done by real scientists, using real scientific methods. I also have opinions. I’ll make it obvious when I’m spouting them.

I write about health and positive psychology, living well with chronic illness, well-being, happiness, and the misrepresentations of this research.

My philosophy is this:

  1. People can only help themselves when they have accurate information.

  2. You don’t need to feel good to live life the way you want to.

  3. Uncomfortable emotions, thoughts and body sensations are a normal, natural part of life. The trick is to learn how to have them and get on with your life anyway.

If these ideas appeal to you, welcome.

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