BREAKING NEWS: At least one person likes the yellow brick blog

BREAKING NEWS: At least one person likes the yellow brick blog

Okay, so I haven’t written anything for six weeks.

Here’s the thing. Recently I had a flare up of my chronic illness, got the flu, had a neck problem, and moved house. And when I got better I panicked because I hadn’t done any work on my PhD for four weeks. The irony of not being able to work on my chronic pain research because of chronic pain is not lost on me.

To ease back into things I’ve got a personal post lined up for you. There’s no psychology in this one, but I do talk about some blogs I read and answer a bunch of questions about myself. So stick around if that sounds appealing.

Liebster Blog Award

Jackie Phelan, a fellow Dunedin blogger, kindly nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. She did this quite some time ago, and I’ve taken my sweet time in passing it onwards. It basically just means that she likes my blog, and it requires me to do two things – answer a bunch of questions, and nominate others. It’s a way for bloggers to band together and share each other’s work, which is a cool way to connect. Honestly, I don’t read a lot of baby blogs, mostly because I haven’t been reading much lately. So I’m going to list just three, and none of them are all that new…

But before I do that, I suggest you check out Jackie Phelan’s blog, Style Me Petite. It’s all about fashion for the petite woman. I enjoy Jackie’s blog because I need all the fashion tips I can get, and partly because her hair is amazing. In one post, Jackie gives some advice on what to wear at home instead of sweat pants. I’m a big fan of sweat pants, but Eva Mendes thinks you’re husband won’t love you anymore if you wear them all the time. My personal opinion on that is – keep the pants and get a new husband. Still, I probably do need to step outside the square and take off my sweatpants/dressing gown combo every once in a while.


Starter Culture – I enjoy reading about people trying to achieve goals, and that’s what starter culture is all about. Eric Ludy is approaching 30 and a little anxious about his lack of progress toward his major life goals (Me too Eric, me too). So, he started this blog to track his progress learning Spanish, making cheese, making money, and building a blog. He’s a freelance copywriter, so his blog is a pleasure to read. Plus the font he uses is aesthetically pleasing.

Death to Cardio – Rhiana Clarke writes about health and fitness. She has an authentic air about her. She’s not one of those fitness bloggers you see on Instagram who is always eating quinoa, doing handstands, and talking about how positive and fabulous they feel. She’s more down to earth. She likes to swear, and she doesn’t really care what you think of that selfie she took while wearing a g.

Miss White’s Makeup Desk – Miss White is a teacher, and she likes to remind you that if you can read her blog, then thank a teacher. Miss White talks about beauty products – something I am periodically obsessed with. In fact, I try not to read her blog too much because she makes me want to buy everything she talks about. That’s a compliment, by the way.

The Questions

1. Where did the name and idea for your blog come from?

My blog is inspired by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which takes a functional contextualist approach to human suffering. ACT uses personal values as a way to inspire, and guide behavioural change. I was having a quarter life crisis at the time I was doing a lot of learning about ACT. I had this desire to rewatch The Wizard of Oz during that time, and I thought, the yellow brick road is a great metaphor for following your values despite the challenges that arise. There are flying monkeys, and evil witches…and yet Dorothy manages to do what matters most to her by following the yellow brick road. So the name of the blog was born, and ever since I’ve wondered if it’s too cheesy.

2. What’s your favourite breakfast?

For the past couple of years I’ve had a blueberry and banana smoothie for breakfast. I usually add oats, maybe some yoghurt or soaked almonds, and sometimes some spinach. Lately I’ve been trying out different berries (blackberries are a great alternative), Bircher museli, and porridge. But I’m extremely lazy in the mornings, and not having to chew my food is ideal for me. Unless it’s bacon. I will always make the effort for bacon.

3. What book are you currently reading?

Ugh. Don’t ask me this. I love reading but at the moment I lack the commitment to read a book.

Recently I read I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb. It’s about identical twins, and one of them has paranoid schizophrenia. Within the first 30 pages one of them chops of his hand at the public library. As soon as that happened I was thinking, yep, this is my kind of book.

But mostly I’m just watching hours and hours of Nashville.

4. Your must have make-up item?

BB cream. I flush a lot. So I like to avoid the eternally embarrassed look.

5. If you could be anywhere tomorrow where would you be?

I would be at a spa on a tropical island, drinking virgin Pina coladas and having my feet massaged.

6. Who is your icon and why?

Usually I say, Britney Spears. People always express distaste when I say this, but I think if you can sell 31.6 million albums, go through a massive, public, mental health crisis and then put your life back together then you are worthy of icon status.

For the past year, I’m fan girling all over Mark Manson. I obsess over his work and I wonder why anyone ever bothers to write anything when Mark Manson can do it better. I also get unreasonably jealous of his girlfriend, which makes no sense to me, but happens anyway.

7. Who is your favourite band/singer?

I’m into Taylor Swift at the moment. I find her hilarious, and she loves cats.

8. What’s your favourite season and why?

Autumn. Solely because the other three seasons are death traps for me (allergies, UV sensitivity, intolerance to heat, intolerance to cold). Autumn is great because there are clouds to block the sun, and it’s not quite as cold as winter. Plus the leaves are pretty.

9. What are you grateful for?

My cat and my mother.

10. If you were a cup of coffee, what would you be called?

The bitter bitch is the first thing that came to mind. I think it’s because I’m in a bad mood right now. Also because coffee makes my stomach hurt.

11. If you were an emojicon what would you be and why?

The clapping hands. I don’t know how to justify this, except to say that I am intrigued by the Zen Koan that says “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” My dad knows the answer but refuses to tell me because apparently that’s against the rules.

What’s your favourite blog to read?