The Slightly Awkward Third Part of the Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Series

The Slightly Awkward Third Part of the Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Series

This article is part the Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Series a five-part series about living a meaningful life.

Well, here we are in Part III of the Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Series.

I don’t have that much to say today, so let’s just get on with it huh?


Today we’re talking about ‘life domains’. It’s a weird term, one that I’m not that fond of, but I couldn’t come up with anything hilarious, or Wizard of Oz related that actually made any sense.

Life domains are different aspects of our lives. Here’s a list of life domains people tend to find important:

  • Work

  • Community (this could be your wider community, or a group you below to)

  • Family

  • Intimate relationships

  • Parenting

  • Spirituality/religion/Personal growth

  • Education

  • Fun & Leisure

  • Health

  • Friendships

If there’s another area of your life not covered by this list, feel free to add it.

Using the list of values you came up with in Part II, go through each life domain above, and list 2-3 values most relevant to you in each area. Feel free to add any other values that come up for you.

Some of the values you came up with in Part II will apply to all areas of your life, and some will only be important to you in certain areas. Exploring your sexuality might be important to you in intimate relationships. But this probably not going to be the top of you list at work. Unless you’re Miley Cyrus.


And we’re done.

Now you know which areas of your life are most important, and which specific actions you can take to do what matters in each area.

This is important because so often we live our lives doing things that are not important to us. Like this morning, when I sat around twiddling my thumbs and complaining about how tired I was…instead of practicing yoga.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how to measure your success in life, and not in the how-much-money-do-I-earn and how-big-is-are-my-biceps kind of way.

Which of your values seems to show up as important in different areas of your life?

Image Credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg CC License 2.0

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